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In 2014 we dared to jump into freelancing and we didn’t regret it for a single day! Up to today we are passionate entrepreneurs and get enthusiastic about new business concepts, business processes and the unique lifestyle this freelancing business makes possible for us, every day a new.


This is how it started:

We got to know each other in Vienna, where I, Britta, studied cultural and social anthropology and where Malte spent some time as a travelling carpenter on the road. For both of us it was clear instantly, that our relationship was going to become serious and we both started to dream together and to picture our future.

Six months later we found back to each other in Lübeck, Malte’s hometown. Before, I gave or threw away most of my belongings and only took things with me, which seemed the most necessary to me. All in all these were 4 big moving boxes in the end – a first step into the direction of minimalism.

It didn’t take long until I got pregnant – with twins!!!
This was a shock at first, which, however, turned into great joy pretty soon. We purposely decided to have kids and family, after all. At that point, my study wasn’t completed yet, which is why I flew back to Vienna for a couple times while I was heavily pregnant; to take exams and to attend seminars. When our children were born, we went back to Vienna for another half a year, so I could finally graduate. Malte took parental leave for eight months just for this purpose, which is really not a common thing to do in our society!!! THANK YOU


Back in Lübeck, we moved into Malte’s family home at the heart of Lübeck’s old downtown. Malte took a job as carpenter, while I was busy caring for the kids and started to think about MY professional career at the same time, since I invested so much strength and time into my studies.
But the more I thought about it and imagined to commute to Hamburg and back for over an hour each day, and the fact that I wouldn’t see my family throughout the week, the more I got an unwell feeling in my gut.

At first, I decided to not look for a job in Hamburg and focused with Malte on finding a proper childcare instead. But this intention wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. Since we gave many thoughts to the matter on how we would like to let our children grow up, the concept of a “third-party daycare” felt pretty unnatural to us. So, there had to be another solution.

The actual change brought a short news article my mother showed us. In it, André Stern depicted his life’s journey he’s made to that point. He brought us relief in all ways.
Especially mentally.

For a short time, we let a nanny take care of our kids at our home, so we’d have time to think about our own way. When we talked to her about the topic of day care and care at the own household, we got the idea to do something like that ouselves – which means, child care on a freelancing basis. We had the space and we were both crazy enough to have the confidence of taking care of ten other children in the house, plus our own two, of course. Malte quit his job & together we attended the education, which took five months. During that time we prepared the flat, Malte being a carpenter becoming handy again.
We also thought about a concept and after some stumbling blocks at the beginning, we could finally start with our freelancing day care well prepared.

The best thing about our new job was that we got the possibility of connecting kids and job – something, we looked for and found (for now).

Now almost two years have passed. We are happy and we got everything we need. Our third child will be born soon (sunny-boy no. 3), but we notice more and more, that something crucial is missing. We wish to have more freetime for us, more rest and more freedom. A feeling, which becomes stronger with each passing day. We love freedom.

The freedom to live a life, which is really us – in all its facets. From the beginning it was clear to us, that this would only be a temporary solution, as long as our kids are still toddlers. Even if society, family and friends can’t understand it, we want to flee from our “normal” life, to do the things we really enjoy.

We want to get moving to see new worlds, to get to know interesting people, to give our kids the possibility to develop themselves freely and self-determined, without any pressure or/ and rating, to adjourn the center of our life into some warmer realms, to live our strong dreams and to let our talents shine. This is our path.

We want to share this path with you. To inspire you with blog posts, which may help you to find more to your own self. More to the life you really want to live.
We’re happy about your Likes. And about your Shares. And about the fact, that we can encourage you to break out of the hamster wheel to live it up to your true purpose.


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