Very simple Guacamole

This super-simple guacamole is done in minutes and turns into a dip so fingerlickin´ good consisting of 4 ingredients only 😉

Guacamole has it´s origin in Mexico where there are countless different recipes to it. Typically cilantro is used, some others use sour creme which is for us a absolute NO NO NO GO!!!
We tried many different kinds, tasted many guacamoles at burger places, BBQ-parties or even take aways only to find out that we like to keep it nice and simple.
Ripe avocados, onions, salt and pepper from the mill and maybe, just maybe some lime juice – to get the real avocado taste – that´s all we ever want. We tried it like this once and are ADDICTED to it ever since.
At BBQ´s it is the ultimate burner and everyone asked us for that recipe and all were astonished by only four ingredients. “Only four ingredients, not more?” “Yup, four only!”
This simple guacamole is a jack of all trades, can be served as an appetizer, healthy snack-in-between or as a side to a Mexican bowl set, however: the bowl will be empty much too soon.

Who do you think can’t get her hands of when Malte performs his legendary simple guacamole again? ME ME ME (our kids and Malte like it a little too I guess 😉 )
We like it to be a little chunky style rather then all mashed up, something to chew on.

Very simple Guacamole

Did I tell you that Malte actually didn’t become a guacamole fan before he knew me?
When we spend our honeymoon on the big island of Hawaii I got him into it. Over there the avocados are huge and fresh, I compare them rather to an American football, over here in Germany they are more the size of a baseball and you really need to pick the right ones rather then “WHICH ONE WAS THE BEST?” on Hawaii.

And guess what:

they taste much better when you pick them up directly under the tree which they grew on, I would like to have one of them now actually!
When we went over the Kailua Kona market those avos where even BIGGER ….


I recommend you two things: either some tortilla chips if you like it crunchy or some KICKASS CHAPATIS which we always prefer.
When chapatis are freshly made they are warm and tender, perfect to “surf” them through some guacamole waves right into your mouth!

Very simple Guacamole
Our kids and neighbors kids love them too and they are easily made from 4 ingredients only as well.
Malte actually showed those to me, I show him and he shows me I guess <3

And the story goes: when Malte went to Australia in 1996 they showed him some authentic “bush tucker”, flat bread was one of them.
When he returned from the Aussies Malte lived in his own flat and started experimenting in his kitchen (but not only there 😉 ).

He then used an old pizza pan for baking the chapatis, later, when he moved into a caravan, he had an ancient kitchen stove where Malte kept on baking.
Later on he went to a party where there was no bread left, people hungry for some, flour, water, salt, olive oil and a ceran stove in the house.

Very simple Guacamole
Malte made some chapatis, using the stove to bake ´em, everyone like:”whooo, that´s nice :-DDD”

In a few minutes the dough transforms into the yummylicioust chapatis.


Warm chapatis, loaded with fresh guacamole and in they go – sounds good?

So, if you try out this recipe, comment and share your experience with us.
Of course you are more then welcome to share it with others too 😉


  • For the Guacamole:
  • 2 Avocados
  • ½ Onion
  • Salt
  • Pepper from the mill
  • For the Chapatis:
  • 300 gr Flour
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil
  • Warm water accordingly
  1. Use large mixing bowl & kitchen towel: Mix the flour, 3 pinches of salt and the olive oil together*, add warm water slowly until you have a nice pizza-style dough, leave to rest under a kitchentowl in a warm place.
  2. Use large kitchen knife & cutting board: cut the onion into small small pieces, add to bowl, season with 2 pinches of salt*.
  3. Use tablespoon & medium size bowl: Open the avocados by cutting them in halves, take out the seed*, scrape out the avocados using the tablespoon, add to bowl and cut it inside the bowl into pieces as desired. Season with black pepper from the mill and mix it all together nicely.
  4. Baking time!
  5. Use ceran stove & rolling pin: preheat all hotplates on lowest possible temperature, roll out the dough to round chapaties, fitting the hotplates in diameter, be careful, the chapaties can stick to each other easily!
  6. Use burger flipper & kitchen towel: place the chapaties on the hotplates and flip them over from time to time until they are nice and sexy, store in a kitchen towel to keep them warm and soft*.
  7. Ready to eat, one of my all time favorites THAT is 🙂
* This way the chapaties become a little more soft when they done (olive oil or any other).

* When you salt the cut onions beforehand they taste better and are not so "hot" anymore.

* One can also keep the seeds, plant avocado trees or dry the seeds and grate them up using a cheese grater. It is known to be very healthy, I never tried it myself though 😉

* You can also use a large frying pan or any other stove, even an oven with hotplates like "grandma", in Germany called "Kuechenhexe", kitchen-witch (stove)

* I sometimes make a little more chapaties because everyone just loves them. I store them in a kitchen towel for now and place them in a zippable plastic bag for later on. Keeps 'em fresh!

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