Like our life, our diet also underwent a constant change. We tested many diet concepts and ate 100% vegan for a very long time. At some point we noticed that this 100% thing is not for us. Every once in a while we were frustrated. Be it grandma, who didn’t feed our kids with vegan food when we went to visit her or the fact that we didn’t want to accept dinner invitations, since the food wouldn’t be vegan. Or we actually accepted invitiations knowing that it won’t be vegan, and afterwards we were bothered by a bad conscience, because the food was actually pretty delicious!

„Some days you eat salads and go to the gym, some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called balance.“


By now we freed ourselves from any kind of dogma and found a pretty good balance. We listen to our body, we eat intuitively when we’re hungry and without any labels. To us, developing an awareness of where our food comes from, how it was produced and what’s included is more important than fixed diet concepts.

We attach great importance to organic, preferably natural finished and unchanged, regional and seasonal foods which are good for our body. Additionally, we relinquish refined sugar completely and use alternatives instead.

Even if we’re not living completely vegan, most of our recipes fit into this category. Many recipes originate with us through experimentation and improvisation. Therefore, some have no quantitative indication. This shall motivate yourself to be creative and find your own taste. How it works? Go with your gut and follow your taste buds 😉

No matter which path you’re following or where you’re at on your journey; it’s our goal to inspire people to become creative in their choice of food and to look at fruits, veggies and other full-fledged products in a different light.

We want “A Wanderers Lust” to be a place for anyone who wants to feel good, to cure his body and to eat anything, no matter what the dietary challenges might be. Personal experience, knowledge, empathy and humor brought us closer to our goal of good food and a healthy lifestyle.

We are convinced about the body-healing effect of our diet, and we experience the value of freshly home-made food on a daily basis.